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Truss Rods

I am now offering my double acting truss rods for sale directly to luthiers. This hand made rod features my patented threading arrangement which provides more precise adjustment with less force required to turn the adjuster.

In addition, it is made entirely from stainless steel, which means it will not rust or corrode over time. All of the joinery is done by hand with high strength silver solder, thereby eliminating the stress concentration and brittleness associated with welding. Each rod is inspected, lubricated and stress tested prior to shipping.

These are the rods that I have been using in my own guitars for the last 8 years. I believe they are the smoothest and most reliable double acting truss rods on the market. An allen wrench is provided with each rod. Installation instructions are included with each order.

To order rods, just send me an email indicating quantity and length required.
After receiving your order, I will send you a PayPal email invoice.
All lengths are $40 each plus shipping.


The rod length does NOT include the length of the adjuster bolt which extends an additional 7/8" when the rod is in its neutral, straight, postion. The lengths listed below usually work well for instruments with common scale lengths. Please verify the lengths needed for your own instruments prior to ordering. I will make the rods any length you want.

12 fret guitar : 13", (330mm) (weight: 3.8 oz, 109 grms)
14 fret guitar : 14 1/4", (362mm) (weight: 4.1 oz, 117 grms)
Baritone: 15 1/2", (394mm) (weight: 4.5 oz, 127 grms)
Fender style electric guitar : 17", (432mm) (weight: 4.9 oz, 138 grms)

Email truss rod order.